Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Varnish Transfers

Original Varnish Transfers c1930 Instructions for use

1) Apply a thin coat of Varnish to the wood that the transfer is to be fixed on.

2) When the Varnish has become tacky place the entire transfer in the required position. ( If only part of the transfer is required the transfer can easily be cut and altered , from the front picture which is aligned exactly to the transfer behind )

3) Allow Varnish to set overnight.

4) Remove thick outer protective paper to reveal thin rice paper underneath.

5) Soak the rice paper in tepid water for a few minutes and then remove the rice paper revealing the transfer.

6) Varnish over the transfer to protect it. ( Before varnishing the transfers can be darkened with wood stain and also "aged" if required using very fine wire wool )

* steps 1 to 3 can be replaced with care by applying an adhesive to the back of the transfer covering the whole of the aluminium foil backing, and placing in position, allow the adhesive to set and then go to step 4 , this adhesive procedure is illustrated by the group of transfer pictures shown below

1) aluminium foil back to the transfer

2) Coat the aluminium foil evenly and thinly with adhesive

3) Place transfer in position allow the adhesive to set for a while ( Depending on the type of adhesive used ) and peel off thick outer paper

4) This reveals the thin absorbent rice paper underneath

5) Soak the the rice paper in tepid water

Remove the rice paper to expose the transfer in place

6) The transfer can now be varnished over to protect it

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